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A Message for My Little Sisters (January 15)

Let's make things clear first, I am not going to sing. Neither would I post a video of my self singing or talking.  I just thought that this advice would be right to all the girls I have met and... Continue Reading →

The Fashionable and Fun Way of Catching Up (January 9)

Classes resumed today after three weeks of Christmas break and we spent it with exuding awesomeness. After my classmates saved me from my footwear failure earlier this morning, we bonded the whole day in the one of the most fun... Continue Reading →

Bonding Over Pizza (January 4)

Note: This is also a late post. Today’s my last here in my hometown before I go back to Cagayan de Oro for school again and as always I have been stuck at home. Nothing special happened until my Tita Jomi... Continue Reading →

Setting it Straight (January 3)

Note: I wrote this note last Tuesday and was supposed to post it that day but the connection at home got some problems and I am not allowed to go out of the house.  Tonight’s supposed to be my last... Continue Reading →

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