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Dulaang Atenista

Cinemagis 4: Digital Short Film Festival (January 17)

Cinemagis is a digital short film festival promulgated by the Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts. It aims to celebrate the film making potentials of Northern Mindanao through a competition. The festival also helps  in collecting donations for the underprivileged communities.... Continue Reading →

A Message for My Little Sisters (January 15)

Let's make things clear first, I am not going to sing. Neither would I post a video of my self singing or talking.  I just thought that this advice would be right to all the girls I have met and... Continue Reading →

Spontaneous Dress-Up

It's been a long time since I wore my other black dress. Last night I had the opportunity to wear it during the premiere of Dulaang Atenista's stage play of Malou Jacob's "PEPE". I'm not part of the cast this... Continue Reading →

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