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Cinemagis 4: Digital Short Film Festival (January 17)

Cinemagis is a digital short film festival promulgated by the Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts. It aims to celebrate the film making potentials of Northern Mindanao through a competition. The festival also helps  in collecting donations for the underprivileged communities.... Continue Reading →

RE-POST: “Productive” Afternoon (January 14)

Note: The past 23 hours of my life has been busy and I forgot to post about this. So I'm reposting this post from my other blog.   It's a Saturday afternoon and I have no class. I spent the... Continue Reading →

The Figure Crisis (January 10)

During the semester break last year I found a dress hidden in my Mom's closet. When I found it, I immediately said that it would be the perfect dress for the literary ball this February. I tried it on for... Continue Reading →

The Fashionable and Fun Way of Catching Up (January 9)

Classes resumed today after three weeks of Christmas break and we spent it with exuding awesomeness. After my classmates saved me from my footwear failure earlier this morning, we bonded the whole day in the one of the most fun... Continue Reading →

An Unproductive Day (January 8)

My mom and grandmother were supposed to visit my cousin and her kids here in the city today. I was waiting all day for any text message or call from them but they never came. The only good thing I... Continue Reading →

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