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Hitch Rides, Pit Stops and Finish Line

In this journey called life there are a lot of unexpected turns and pit stops. In the past 7 months since my last post, a lot has happened. I've gone through a lot of rough roads like struggling to manage... Continue Reading →


What was UP and What is NOW

I've been out of the blogging radar for more than four months now. And in those months that I have an involuntary hibernation from the blogging world, a lot of things has happened. There were four major events in my... Continue Reading →

Out of Hand

The past month was supposed to be a love month but I didn't quite felt all the love that it usually gives me. Everything seemed less inspiring but more irritating. Internal and external conflicts were as many as I can... Continue Reading →

Stuffed But Not Full (January 22)

I was supposed to have dinner and movie date last Saturday with my cousins Kuya Wilfred and Pia. It was for us to catch up since it's been a long time since the last time we went out to bond.... Continue Reading →

Bored and Thin (January 21)

It was hangover Saturday and I've got nothing else to do so I took pictures of myself again. Warning: VANITY OVERLOAD. My vanity was so contagious that I got my dorm mate Rya in to this insanity. We took pictures... Continue Reading →

Mind Benders Did It Again! (January 20)

I mentioned about the digital short film festival Cinemagis in a previous post. Tonight was the awarding ceremony. I also mentioned that the short film that my friends over Mind Bender Films made got in and had 8 nominations. Well, I am... Continue Reading →

Weak (January 19)

I suddenly felt sick. I can't move right. I walk slower than usual. I am confused. I think I am emotionally and physically exhausted. :\ I'll just be posting a video for today. Must get up and get back to... Continue Reading →

Dreaming of Paris (January 18)

Ever since I knew all about Paris I've been dreaming of going there someday. As for now, since I can't go to Paris yet, I've been into things that is related to Paris. Trust me, my friends know all about... Continue Reading →

Cinemagis 4: Digital Short Film Festival (January 17)

Cinemagis is a digital short film festival promulgated by the Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts. It aims to celebrate the film making potentials of Northern Mindanao through a competition. The festival also helps  in collecting donations for the underprivileged communities.... Continue Reading →

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