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Out of Hand

The past month was supposed to be a love month but I didn't quite felt all the love that it usually gives me. Everything seemed less inspiring but more irritating. Internal and external conflicts were as many as I can... Continue Reading →

Fashion Crisis: Tired and Confused (January 11)

In my previous post, I mentioned about the dress that I'll be wearing for our annual literary ball. I thought the rest of the outfit would be easy but it isn't. I had to find the shoe and bag that... Continue Reading →

The Figure Crisis (January 10)

During the semester break last year I found a dress hidden in my Mom's closet. When I found it, I immediately said that it would be the perfect dress for the literary ball this February. I tried it on for... Continue Reading →

Please Review Before You Press Send

Ever since mobile network service providers offered unlimited texting/sms services, group messages came flooding unto everyone's phone. I was even one of them until I got tired of sending non-sense and irrelevant messages to people. In addition to that, I... Continue Reading →

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