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RE-POST: “Productive” Afternoon (January 14)

Note: The past 23 hours of my life has been busy and I forgot to post about this. So I'm reposting this post from my other blog.   It's a Saturday afternoon and I have no class. I spent the... Continue Reading →

The Figure Crisis (January 10)

During the semester break last year I found a dress hidden in my Mom's closet. When I found it, I immediately said that it would be the perfect dress for the literary ball this February. I tried it on for... Continue Reading →

The Fashionable and Fun Way of Catching Up (January 9)

Classes resumed today after three weeks of Christmas break and we spent it with exuding awesomeness. After my classmates saved me from my footwear failure earlier this morning, we bonded the whole day in the one of the most fun... Continue Reading →

That Was B-A-D

I've already mentioned about our practice teaching course in a blog post here. It is obvious that I enjoyed it but this time I think I'll crawl my way out. This semester all of us are required to teach a... Continue Reading →

My Semester Survival Kit

I'm gearing up myself for the semester and here's my survival kit which will be found in my bag for the whole semester. What you see above is the first part of my kit which includes my France spiral notebook... Continue Reading →

My Last Class Schedule as an Undergraduate

The semester has already started and I know how silly this is but I just want to write about my last class schedule as an undergrad. I don't want to say this would be my last as a college student... Continue Reading →

Practice Teaching

Note: This was the final paper that I submitted for my practicum class. Words and/or phrases in italics are my clarifications or comments. As part of our curriculum, we are to have our practice teaching in the university. We will... Continue Reading →

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