I haven’t been writing actual content on this blog for a really really long time. Most of my posts here auto-sync contents from my other social media accounts – and that is, by the way, a lazy way to blog or write a content.

Many things have happened and I have gone through so many things. They are all worth writing to be honest but I just lost the inspiration or the urge to write it. It’s probably my laziness syndrome or something. I must write. I know I must write something about anything or anyone or everything.

I created this blog years ago to improve my writing skills and eventually, just eventually, I might gain a writing spot somewhere. I have always dreamed of writing for a publication or even write my own book.

I have made a lot of excuses for myself why I wasn’t writing. Bottomline is that I was just too lazy or busy procrastinating. I hope I will do more content regularly this time. I just need to get back on track.

Here’s to hoping more content and inspiration! Cheers!