As is my routine on day offs when there are no travel plans or overtime at work, I watch full length movies or short films in my YouTube App (since my phone is the only media device in the comforts of my room). These past few weeks I’ve been rooting on classics and/or books-turned-movies kind of thing.

This week I watched “Under the Tuscan Sun”. The book, which is a memoir, was written by Frances Mayes in 1996. The screenplay was written by its director Audrey Wells and was shown in 2003. The film is about a writer who got divorced and bought a villa in Tuscany.

The Terrible Idea
In the film Frances is a writer who seems to be unconsciously attracted to terrible ideas. When she went to Rome for a gay tour her friends set her up to recover from her divorce, a terrible idea of buying a villa in a foreign land struck her. To make the story short, that terrible idea led her to what she has been wishing: a wedding in the house, a family and love.

The film made me think though, what is my terrible idea that made me achieve great results as she had. I actually do not know. Probably writing and posting this is a terrible idea. A terrible, terrible idea since no one reads my blog but I posts things on it anyway.

A terrible idea that I could think of probably was letting my high school friends read the novel that I wrote way back in high school which I eventually finished in 2008 (but still needs a lot of work though). I did get a lot of good reviews. I mean a college friend said that he cried over it. I was elated of course. Making someone feel what the character was feeling over the words I sewed together, is such a great feeling. I mean he is only one of the few readers but it made me do more. But nothing came up after that novel. I was starting on its installment but school and other things were in the way. The lack of devices to write on is one. Though pen and paper should be sufficient but it’s not enough for me.

What To Do
I was thinking I’d probably just work on every terrible idea that I have. I mean it doesn’t stay terrible until you make it great, right? I might work on these ideas pretty soon. But when I don’t know. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time, just as how Frances took a lot of work and time in rebuilding the house and getting her wishes.

Lost in the concrete jungle,