In this journey called life there are a lot of unexpected turns and pit stops. In the past 7 months since my last post, a lot has happened. I’ve gone through a lot of rough roads like struggling to manage my finances and wide highways like broadening my perspectives and patience, and unexpected turns and pretty exciting uphills and scary downhills. There were major pit stops, unexpected turns and random hitch rides that I won’t forget.

The Hitch Ride
I got a couple of friends who are also in Cebu for work. I got to live with one of them. It’s not what you think. It’s my dear friend and sister, Ate Shy. She came to Cebu to find work and she stayed with me for almost two months. When I was still in college I also got the chance to live with her in her place for two months. It was fun and felt like college all over again. Too bad though she had to leave and stay with her baby. I miss her big time.


The Pit Stop: Family Day & Mom’s First Day in Cebu
The company where I work in has a family day. Our site leader said that it was the company’s way of saying thank you to our families and friends who inspire us to work. Family days were not really my favorite events way back in high school. I didn’t like it since my parents were not with us that time. We only have our grandparents who were already old. I told my mom about it and her reaction was unexpected. She would like to go and she’s even excited about it. Well, she was excited because that will be her first time ever in Cebu.

So when family day weekend came she arrived with my grandmother and was fetched at the port by my aunt since I was still at work. We met at KFC and had small breakfast there too. After that we went to Ayala for lunch at Hukad.

Adobong Kangkong
Pork ribs adobo
Baked Scallops

Then finally went home to prepare for family day which will be held at the small amusement park that our company rented for that day.

Since it was an amusement park and obviously these two ladies did not enjoy much, we just took a few pictures and got out early and headed straight to Ayala so that I can show them more of Ayala at night.

My grandmother and me
Mom and the amusement park at the background
Me and mom at the park

When we arrived in Ayala, my mom was smitten by the Terraces. She probably has seen better views but the landscape of The Terraces is just simply amazing. She immediately took out the camera and asked me to snap away wherever she wants me to, and of course, her solo pictures will never be absent. I took photos of her and grandma, she would sometimes take picturres of me too. After snapping like almost tons of photos of her, we settled in at my favorite coffee shop, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.




End of First Lap: Regularization – Approved
For some companies, you don’t automatically become a regular employee. When you get hired you are placed on a probationary period of 6 months (but you already have almost the same benefits with a regular employee after 90 days of employment which is kind of cool about the company I work in) and then you’ll be assessed of how well you fare based on your performance in that 6 month period. There were a lot of things that you are assessed with but what is the most important of all is your dedication to work shown is how well you adhere to your schedule.

Good thing though I got one of the top scores for adherence. I think I’ll need to thank my instructors from college for strictly monitoring attendance in class. Just last October my manager asked me to sign a piece of paper for my regularization and talked to me about the things I could improve on for my work. I was in 7th heaven while I was signing the paper. I never thought I could do it. He has been keeping us in the dark a few weeks before and has been constantly monitoring us with our work keeping a poker face. So anyway, yes, I am now a regular employee enjoying the regular benefits of regular employees.

Pit Stop: Engine Trouble
For the longest time now, I have been experiencing pain in my knees and legs even if I am just sitting down. I finally got the time and the courage to have my knees checked ladt month. The doctor’s first impression was Synovitis. He had me undergo a couple of laboratory tests and x-ray of both my knees to confirm if it’s really Synovitis. When the results came in, the x-ray shows negative on Synovitis but the laboratory reaults says I have urinary tract infection which may have caused the pain so he had me take antibiotics for the next 7 days.

After seven days, he asked me how my knees are. I told him that it’s still the same. It still hurts and that’s when he decided to have my right knee go through MRI with an impression of a meniscus tear. When the results came out, it was affitmative. I have meniscus tear and it needs surgery to heal the tear. I was shocked, appalled maybe, when he said that. I have never been admitted to the hospital. I have gone through check-ups and out-patient services but I’ve never been admitted. He asked me when would I like to have the surgery done. I asked him if we could let the holidays pass first since I am going home. He said ok with that but told me to not run a too much.

The operation will be next month. It’s a good thing though that I’m getting the support of my family and friends in this pit stop. For now, I have to move on for a while.

The Finish Line
Looking back at how my year was so far, made me think that I wasn’t as boring as I thought I was. Next year, I have yet another journey to go through. And I hope I could maintain this blog as much as I maintain my Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter.

Well, cheers to the New Year! Happy Holidays!