I’ve been out of the blogging radar for more than four months now. And in those months that I have an involuntary hibernation from the blogging world, a lot of things has happened.

There were four major events in my life that the whole of my blogging world missed: one, my 21st birthday which was a blast; two, my graduation; three, getting the job; and four, I got relocated.


From Teenager to [the assumption of being] Grown-up

My 21st birthday was something I was looking forward to. Not because it’s the time for people to give me presents but because it gave a sense of maturity. I was expecting a lot of things on my 18th birthday. One of which is a celebration which practically did not happen. Given the fact that my graduation was nearing and my folks decided to just fuse them.

As a detour and to keep my mind off the so-called sadness due to that, I spent my birthday watching a race – a longboarding race, that is.  I met a lot of people, learned of a lot of things and took a lot of photos. Only a few knew it’s my birthday which is kind of cool since I don’t want everybody to expect that I’ll be throwing a party.


Goodbye College!

Another major event in my life was graduation. Finally, after five years of ups, downs and learning, I survived. Graduating from college is a reward not only for me but also for my folks. All their sweat and blood were all worth it. Though, I did not have academic honors, I know that I’m AWESOME. There’s no academic award for that, right?


The Real World

The next big thing after college is stepping into the real world called employment. Since I’m all scared of being stuck at home with nothing but sleep and boredom, I was too eager to work that I went job hunting online months before the graduation. I had a few scheduled interviews but I wasn’t able to attend to them since I got classes to attend and college life to enjoy 😀 . So when the month of March came and the final exams and the final wrath of major requirements went to an end, I did not hesitate to go and apply for them jobs. Though it was not my first time to apply, but what I know was that I was more confident in hitting the apply button. A week before my 21st birthday, I was already in front of my laptop searching for probable jobs and submitting resumes and application letters.  Then the next week I received a couple of calls and the day after my birthday, boom! I was hired! 😀


Moved in to the Queen City of the South

I was definite that I was not getting any real job where I was so I searched for jobs elsewhere – to the Queen City of the South or Cebu City. As part of the perks of the job that I got myself into is the relocation package which includes: airfare, 7-day hotel stay and a relocation amount on first pay. It was really great deal.

This whole flight of moving in gave me a lot of firsts.

1. It was my first time to travel alone via plane. I barely had three plane rides in my entire life so this really is a first.

2. It was my first time to set foot in Mactan International Airport. 😀

3. It was my first time to see my name written on a piece of paper outside the airport’s arrival doors for the car , courtesy of the company, to take me to the hotel.

Aside from all the firsts, this whole lot gave me a heightened sense of independence in my bones and a whole new adventure.



I’m now in my second month at work and I hope to stay long with this company. I hope to grow and learn everyday. Adjusting from what used to be alright back then to what is appropriate right now is a hard path.

After this, a lot of things will change and a lot of things may stay. All we could do is to let go of what used to be and embrace what is here and now. I hope I get the courage to do both.




Jode ♥