It was hangover Saturday and I’ve got nothing else to do so I took pictures of myself again. Warning: VANITY OVERLOAD.
My vanity was so contagious that I got my dorm mate Rya in to this insanity. We took pictures of each other and here are the results. 😀

It’s just weird why I so love doing that with my hair. HAHA

This is Rya. Isn’t she a natural beauty? Teehee! 😀 I love you Rya-bels!
I particularly love this one though that I posted this in LookBook.

The shirt used to fit me well. Now, it’s so loose makes me feel sexier! Teehee!
What I like about this photo is that I look thinner! YAY! It has been my goal since the start of the semester. It feels so good to see an evidence that I progressed in this challenge.
Jode ❤