I mentioned about the digital short film festival Cinemagis in a previous post. Tonight was the awarding ceremony. I also mentioned that the short film that my friends over Mind Bender Films made got in and had 8 nominations. Well, I am happy to announce that “BF” won 7 out of 8 nominations. The short film won the following awards:
Best Short Film Best Director Best in Cinematography Best Art Direction Best Story Best Actor Best in Editing
It was really a tough competition. I love most of the films!
To Kuya Ryan for his genius in transforming words to moving images. He really is a filmmaker to watch for in the near future. Congratulations for the awards! More mind bending!
To Ate Gene: Congratulations! Thank you for all your support!
To Dennis and Arfil for their never-ending love and support for the craft. To Dennis, it is indeed a great story. It won Best Story even! To Arfil: I saw how you placed much effort in this prod. I’m proud of you, Brit!
To my best friend Franz: Congratulations! You, Best Actor, you! Keep it up man! To Jane: Thank you very much for supporting him all the way. You guys stay strong. I’m looking forward for anniversaries!
To Fia: Congratulations! Thank you for making sure there’s make-up! 😀 To Sheila: Congratulations Sheila! You’re still our Best Actress! I never thought you could act like that! Woot! You should act again! To Yves: Congratulations! Thank you for being so positive all the time! To Megan: Congratulations! Say thank you to your dad for us! Thank you for the cookies and pizza! You bubbly ladies stay bubbly!
To the rest of the mind benders at the Mind Bender Films: Congratulations! Let’s all give ourselves a pat on the back now. You guys did a great job. Thank you for continuously making us proud!
I am so proud of them. For the second time in history, they garnered a lot of awards. I don’t want to consider myself as a major contribution to the group since I barely get to be with them when they shoot. It’s either I have other things to attend to or I am back home in the province. Though my never-ending support to them shall remain.
I’m proud to have seen you work and grow. I’m proud to say that I have genius friends who can be nerdy but are cool and awesome that way. Stay awesome mind benders!
Photo Credits to Dennis Flores.
Jode ❤