Let’s make things clear first, I am not going to sing. Neither would I post a video of my self singing or talking.  I just thought that this advice would be right to all the girls I have met and considered as my little sisters, especially in Dulaang Atenista.

The reason for this post is that I get to read a lot of emotional stuff (in Twitter and blogs) and it’s getting pretty depressing as an elder friend. I might sound like your mom but it wasn’t supposed to be that way. You’d laugh at your tweets in the next few years of your life.



Young love could be as painful and as joyful as it can be. Just don’t take it seriously, yet. Things will go their way at the right time and place. Don’t let what your teenage hormones tell you what to do. Just take it slow. Think rationally and don’t let it get in to you (unless, of course, if it motivates you to become a better person).

I don’t want you girls, to be sad. I wish you would step up and bring the best out of yourself. It is something I am still starting to do and I’m regretting starting out late. I just wish you ladies would think of brighter things and brighter days.
I love you little sisters. Stay awesome.
Jode ❤