In my previous post, I mentioned about the dress that I’ll be wearing for our annual literary ball. I thought the rest of the outfit would be easy but it isn’t. I had to find the shoe and bag that would perfectly go with it. I initially thought of this Givenchy Jersey Bandage Inspired Suede Wedge in Black I found in AsianVogue‘s online shop. I already sent my order form through SMS and all that. Then the good owner told me that the cut-off was moved due to the supplier’s holiday and that it might arrive two to four weeks after that. I got worried. It might not arrive in time for the ball since it’s two weeks after the cut-off. I decided to cancel my order.

Just this afternoon, I went to the mall with my good friend Sil to window shop for shoes that might go well with the dress. What we found were fabulous pumps. I thought it was the perfect fix but then I got more confused. I got so many choices. What worries me the most is that the pair of shoes I’ll be choosing will not match the dress.

I just don’t know what to do now. I am in a FASHION CRISIS. I am tired and confused.


Well, let’s keep an open mind, shall we? There’s probably a solution for this.


Cheers, still.


Jode ❤