As promised, I will be posting about the details of yesterday’s super late Christmas Party with my Dulaang Atenista family. It was supposed to be at JC’s house at PN Roa Subdivision but we changed it to Megan‘s the last-minute because JC will not be home due to his examinations scheduled yesterday.

People started to gather around 10am at McDonald’s in front of our school then later moved to Jollibee. We went to Megan’s around noon and hell had lots of fun! When we arrived, we arranged the food and then Dennis and I went to buy ice cream to this nearby store. While waiting for the others to come, we played two card games: UNO and Monopoly Deal. Through these card games, I got to know them better. I was able to know who they are to the way they play.

In the middle of the card game, Fia interjected and asked Sheila if she could give her gift for her because it is very fragile. Sheila immediately got an idea of what Fia’s gift is. She immediately jumped and Fia gave her gift. Voila, it was a female rabbit! She was so cute and cuddly that Sheila wasn’t able to get her hands and attention off it. She treated it like a baby! Then everybody starts suggesting weird names like “Sgim”, “Skip”, “Hoppy”, “Kenneth Mae”, “Sheilala”, “Fiyaya”, “Unicorn”, etc. Sheila ended up calling her “Yuni” (from the name Unicorn and today Sheila got her a partner and named him “Khorn”). Those of us who likes cute stuff like bunnies immediately took photos and fed it.

A couple of minutes later, we all felt hungry and we couldn’t wait for the others to come anymore so we ate and ate and ate. After we ravished the food, the card games continued while slowly munching on bags of chips!

At 5pm, we exchanged gifts. Unfortunately, my mananito wasn’t there so his gift is still with me. I received The Norton Introduction to Literature Eighth Edition! Wooooo! After everybody has exchanged gifts, Kuya Ryan and Megan gave their gifts. Prior to the party, Kuya already gave his gift for me. It was a purple shoulder bag from Payless. I received a necklace with an Eiffel Tower pendant and a small letter from Megan! I received three necklaces this season! 😀

By 6pm we all headed out to SM City for the “Light A Prayer of Hope (Light a Sky Lantern for a Cause) Event“. Even though it was raining, the event still went on. Everybody had to wait for clearance from the Air Transportation Office before everybody can light and release their sky lanterns (though there were people who are too excited to wait for the clearance). While waiting, we all offered a prayer for all those whose lives were taken and destroyed by Typhoon Sendong (Typhoon Washi). The moment the ATO gave a go signal, everybody lit up their sky lanterns and the sky lit up and it gave me goosebumps. Despite the light rain, the sky lanterns rose up to the sky. (Click here for the video I took of the sky lanterns. Note: please forgive the video quality, I’m only using my Canon digital camera.)


It’s never too late for Christmas presents and celebrations because everyday is Christmas day! Let’s celebrate life every single day we have! 🙂




Jode ❤