My mom and grandmother were supposed to visit my cousin and her kids here in the city today. I was waiting all day for any text message or call from them but they never came. The only good thing I did from the time I woke up until 3PM was I made my room clean (well, at least there are no more dirty clothes on the floor, the books are piled and my clothes are organized back to my clothes rack).

By 4PM, I decided to finally go out. I was supposed to have my haircut but my dumb brain forgot that it’s a Sunday and all the salons are busy. I was lost in the middle of Divisoria. I don’t know where to go anymore. Good thing though my good friend, Peachy, saved me and we met at the Park Cafe. After almost two hours of chatting, we separate ways.

I immediately went to Ororama to meet Dennis (who went grocery-shopping) and Arfil (Dennis’ PA). We went to dinner at Butcher’s Best. As usual, the service was bad but the food is good. (If not only for those yummy guys at the next table Arfil would’ve asked us to leave.) After our delicious-food-but-bad-service dinner, we went to McDonald’s to take out food for Dennis’ sister. Then the two guys walked me home.

See how unproductive this day can be? Well, tomorrow’s gonna be heavy and hectic anyway. Classes resume tomorrow. There will be no regular classes but we are required to attend classes according to our schedule for stress and trauma debriefing due to Typhoon Sendong. Many faculty, staff and students were affected by the calamity. The main reason for the three-day debriefing schedule.



Well, I got to sleep now. I have 7:30am class tomorrow.




Jode ❤