Due to Typhoon Sendong which hit the city last month, Dulaang Atenista’s Christmas Party is moved this Saturday. As with other people, I usually buy things at the last hour. So today, I went to buy a present to my ‘mananito’. I had a hard time though because he’s the kind of guy whom you’ll have a hard time to get a gift for. After a lot of choosing and strolling, I settled for a graphic novel written by a Filipino artist.

We went to SM City Cagayan de Oro and I found many things on sale! As what has always been, Artwork is on sale too! They’ve got a lot of cool tees and designs and I am sooo drooooooling!

Spontaneously, Arfil, Dennis and I decided to have a sleepover at Dennis’ place. So Ciao! We’re off to Dennis’ place now.

Well, I just hope for the best! I hope Dad’s gonna send me money soon. So broke here already.


Jode ❤