Note: I wrote this note last Tuesday and was supposed to post it that day but the connection at home got some problems and I am not allowed to go out of the house. 

Tonight’s supposed to be my last night here in my hometown but I thought of staying one more day before I go back to all the biz and buzz in the city. Classes resumed today and my sister and friends went to school already so I was left in the house with my mom and my grandfather. I’ve got nothing else to do but watch TV, surf the net and tend our small store outside our house.

I was browsing through cable channels and got hooked by Talkv’s show “Today”. They had this segment about guide to finance, relationships and nutrition. It has the usual tips that professionals gave but what really struck me was the finance analyst’s tip on setting goals. I usually forget about setting my own goals. Yes, I do have them in mind but I get cut off with my paranoia and ‘what ifs’. I usually get stuck in a dilemma.

But now, I should get things straight before I go mess up my life again and that is what exactly I am going to do starting tomorrow.




Jode ❤