Note: This is also a late post.

Today’s my last here in my hometown before I go back to Cagayan de Oro for school again and as always I have been stuck at home. Nothing special happened until my Tita Jomi came for a visit. She bought pizza! Wooohooo! She let me decide on the flavors since she considers me as the ‘pizza expert’ in the house. I chose Biano’s Pizzaderia’s Full House and Bacon ‘n Cheese. I was so happy that all the boredom seem to have been forgotten.

While we were all murdering the pizza, we talked about the best pizzerias in Cagayan de Oro. I mentioned about Big Flat Bread where my boyfriend used to work. They had this very large pizza around 32-36 inches in diameter. My mom decided that after my graduation rights in March we will be eating there, and I totally agreed. 🙂

Pizza is on my list of comfort food together with ice cream and chocolates and Takuyaki. It’s the first  best regular day of my year so far.



Jode ❤