I already had my pedicure last Wednesday at a local salon but I feel like I didn’t get a good service. I decided that I would have to do it again but this time I’ll have it done with the best nail specialist that I know of – my cousin. She perfectly knows how to clean and beautify your nails. Unfortunately, I can’t bring her with me to Cagayan de Oro because she has her cute little daughter with her. She asked me if when was the last time I had my nails done. I told her just last Wednesday. She refused to clean my nails because it was still newly done so I just asked her if she could just change the color. She agreed but when she started working on my toes she decided to do all the works. It turned out that it wasn’t fully cleaned and nipped. Good thing I tried my luck. 🙂


By the end of the first semester in October, I had my nails done and decided on red color. I love the bold color of the red nail polish. Finally, after a long time of platinum, silver and earth colors, I am now unafraid of putting bold colors on my nails. This time I decided to put on a blue nail polish since this year’s the year of the Blue Water Dragon in the Chinese Calendar.

Blue Pedis! Yeah, I know big toes right? 🙂

Cheers everyone!

Jode ❤