I read about this a post a day challenge here in WordPress and I thought about giving it a try. I usually get so lazy about posting something when there isn’t anything significant to write about. I’d really try to do something worth of a post or a photo. 🙂

So, yesterday was January 1st. Not only was it the first day of the year but it is also the 21st birthday of my long-time friend, Janne. We had a party at her house. It was also our barkada’s (group of friends) annual gathering and Christmas party. There a lot of food, gifts and makeover! Jrze, one of friends, gave our ever laid back and simple friend, Sonny Lou, a makeover. We were all amazed at the big change in her look. We were happy though but she isn’t that convinced. She complains that her face feels heavy and itchy. It was probably because she isn’t used to it.

While waiting for the makeover to finish, the rest of us played with Jrze’s make-up kit. One this is common though, we all had red lips. After the makeover and all that, we had photo-op! Woot! Here’s a collage of our photos.

These ladies really complete my year!


This annual gathering seems to be always part of my year. It’s like a must-attend-to event. I am afraid though that with my after graduation plans, I won’t be able to come to this year’s gathering. I am still hopeful, though, that I could still go. 🙂

Happy New Year everyone! Have a blast! 🙂



Jode ❤