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January 2012

Stuffed But Not Full (January 22)

I was supposed to have dinner and movie date last Saturday with my cousins Kuya Wilfred and Pia. It was for us to catch up since it's been a long time since the last time we went out to bond.... Continue Reading →

Bored and Thin (January 21)

It was hangover Saturday and I've got nothing else to do so I took pictures of myself again. Warning: VANITY OVERLOAD. My vanity was so contagious that I got my dorm mate Rya in to this insanity. We took pictures... Continue Reading →

Mind Benders Did It Again! (January 20)

I mentioned about the digital short film festival Cinemagis in a previous post. Tonight was the awarding ceremony. I also mentioned that the short film that my friends over Mind Bender Films made got in and had 8 nominations. Well, I am... Continue Reading →

Weak (January 19)

I suddenly felt sick. I can't move right. I walk slower than usual. I am confused. I think I am emotionally and physically exhausted. :\ I'll just be posting a video for today. Must get up and get back to... Continue Reading →

Dreaming of Paris (January 18)

Ever since I knew all about Paris I've been dreaming of going there someday. As for now, since I can't go to Paris yet, I've been into things that is related to Paris. Trust me, my friends know all about... Continue Reading →

Cinemagis 4: Digital Short Film Festival (January 17)

Cinemagis is a digital short film festival promulgated by the Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts. It aims to celebrate the film making potentials of Northern Mindanao through a competition. The festival also helps  in collecting donations for the underprivileged communities.... Continue Reading →

AsianVogue: Your One-Stop Shop for Shoes and Bags (January 16)

For the past few days (and weeks) I've been talking and sharing about shoes. Last semester, my good classmate Lai shared about AsianVogue - an online shop for killer shoes and bags. I checked it out as soon as I... Continue Reading →

A Message for My Little Sisters (January 15)

Let's make things clear first, I am not going to sing. Neither would I post a video of my self singing or talking.  I just thought that this advice would be right to all the girls I have met and... Continue Reading →

RE-POST: “Productive” Afternoon (January 14)

Note: The past 23 hours of my life has been busy and I forgot to post about this. So I'm reposting this post from my other blog.   It's a Saturday afternoon and I have no class. I spent the... Continue Reading →

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