I was half awake around 1AM today. I can hear hurried footsteps coming from the main gate. I went back to sleep thinking that my dorm mates were just playing. At 2:30AM, my landlord’s brother-in-law came knocking on our doors to wake us up. He announced that there was flood. Though the water level wasn’t really that high, he asked us to prepare our stuff just in case the water level gets higher. Me and my dorm mates immediately went to the gate and saw the brown water rushing along the street.

I was devastated. I was thinking this could not be a sequel to last flood  experience that I had January of 2009.

I don’t know what to do. I was trembling, terrified. But there was something more terrifying than my thoughts.

Five hours later, the sun was as hot as fire and, the street was free from flood water but it was muddy and dirty. There’s no power, and worst, there’s no water. Everyone’s thirsty and dirty. Everyone’s looking for water. Fortunately, our neighbor have a water well. He let us have water for free. Everybody rushed to their place and got water.

When we came back to the dorm, two of my dorm mates recounted what they saw at the neighboring village. According to them, there were dead bodies lined up on the streets, chairs on electric wires and posts, appliances all over the place, cars turned upside down, mud all over, people crying.

I just sat there listening, asking questions. I am worried. My childhood best friend lives in that village, and I can’t contact her. My phone was dead. I was worried too with my other friends living there.

By 4PM the electricity went back but there is still no water. I immediately sent messages and made calls to friends and family. I checked on my Facebook  page as soon as the internet went back. Photos were uploaded immediately. I felt sad, disheartened and devastated. This is just tragic.

All Christmas parties were converted to helping flood victims. Our university opened its doors for them too. Many still needs help.

Tomorrow I’ll be joining the volunteers. I will not go home just yet. I want to help.

For those who want to give their donations, please click here.

This is one of the saddest Christmases. I pray for the souls of those whose lives were taken. I pray for those whose houses and lives were wrecked by this havoc. I hope and pray that this will never happen again.