Wednesday of last week, I had fun having a small photo shoot with my friends She, Sane, Lai and Sil, and our official photographer Apple. This is the conclusion of my shots:

Since Lai, She, Sil and I are wearing polo, Lai came up with the idea of us imitating The Beatles’ Album Cover for Abbey Road.

Abbey Road babe! πŸ™‚

After our mini photo shoot, we headed downtown at the Robinsons Mall for a dose of milk teas from Kenko Naicha. It was my first time to try their milk teas and I fell in love with it. I ordered Chocolate Milk Tea. The chocolate and the tea blended well. I took a sip of Lai’s Wintermelon Milk Tea since she and Apple said it was the most delicious of all Milk Teas ever. So yeah, I took a sip and it is true. It was uber-ly delicious! I fell in love with it that I was craving for it the next days of my life.

Enjoying our Milk Teas! Seriously Delicious!


Just this Wednesday, Sil and I went to Robinsons to get our dose of Wintermelon Milk Tea, and had a random encounter with the ladies who were just outside the mall.

Wintermelon Milk Tea is ze best!


Goofin' at the backseat while waiting for Apple. That's Sil, She, Sane and the bright Sun. πŸ™‚

Sane brought her cute little puppy, Dobby.

I think Dobby is a terrier shitzu. I'm not really sure but I am sure he's cute and adorable!

The plan was to play cards but it became a photo shoot once again. Sil and Lai styled my boring outfit that day. Lai even let me borrow her super high heels. Here’s the summary of my photos:

I felt like I was Lara Croft wearing heels. The Aviator shades is <3.