After watching a play last night, we noticed a group of people taking pictures of the sky. Curious as we are, we looked up at the sky too and oh-la-la there’s LUNAR ECLIPSE. We immediately went to the university field and lie down to watch it. While waiting for its full cover, we looked for constellations and tried to take pictures. My friends brought their SLR with them and they took pictures of the eclipse but the quality isn’t that good. When I logged on to my Facebook account, there was a whole album of photos of the moon. It was uploaded by my former teacher back in freshman year. I asked permission from her for me to use her photos in this entry. So here are the photos (credits to Ms. Angelie Azcuna):

It’s my first time to see a lunar eclipse. It was awesome and there were many stars and shooting stars. It felt so good to be part of a phenomenon that’s so cool. 🙂