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December 2011

Life Goes On (A New Year’s Eve Post)

The dawn of the new year, symbolizes a start of something new -- the start of another chapter in the stories of our lives.  The year 2011 may have ended with so many tragic events but it does not mean... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Post

TO MOURN OR TO CELEBRATE This year’s Christmas Season was welcomed by tragedies, particularly in the city where I am currently finishing my degree in English, which was hit by Typhoon Sendong (Washi) on the night of December 15 to... Continue Reading →

Operation Tabang: Day 2

Just a few hours after the Typhoon Sendong devastatingly hit the city, help from various organizations and institutions immediately lent help. My school, Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, initiated Operation Tabang (Operation Help) for all the victims of the flood. They... Continue Reading →

Saddest Christmas

I was half awake around 1AM today. I can hear hurried footsteps coming from the main gate. I went back to sleep thinking that my dorm mates were just playing. At 2:30AM, my landlord's brother-in-law came knocking on our doors... Continue Reading →

Fashion and Milk Teas

Wednesday of last week, I had fun having a small photo shoot with my friends She, Sane, Lai and Sil, and our official photographer Apple. This is the conclusion of my shots: Since Lai, She, Sil and I are wearing... Continue Reading →

Lunar Eclipse 12/10/11

After watching a play last night, we noticed a group of people taking pictures of the sky. Curious as we are, we looked up at the sky too and oh-la-la there's LUNAR ECLIPSE. We immediately went to the university field... Continue Reading →


Together with the aim of losing weight and shaping up is the aim of having a better wardrobe. More than a year ago I attempted to join, a website on collective fashion consciousness. Just last month, I finally got... Continue Reading →

December Ska Night

The last ska night was held last July at the Karumata. It was an 80-peso show featuring the best of Ska bands from Cagayan de Oro City and its neighboring towns. Last Friday night, a free ska show was held... Continue Reading →

Yesterday we were 17 <3

Yesterday was our 17th month of being a couple. Our pet name if you call it that is 'BAI'. It is a local term used to address a friend. Since boyfriend is not anywhere near this place, I spent the... Continue Reading →

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