I have long wanted to get rid of the excess fats in my body and shape-up and have flat abs. This year, my classmates started to be health savvy all of a sudden. It was because of the then upcoming graduation pictorial and we wanted to look good on that day. I didn’t take it seriously last semester until I found a very big change in me – I got thinner! (Yey!) With the help of our ever supportive classmate Lai Serrano (check out her blog here), I started to get it on with a set of work-outs for my self. I researched and I came up with five exercises that I do almost every morning for two weeks now (I wasn’t able to do it the past week because I had a visitor in my pad and I don’t want her to see me doing the works).  These are the exercises I found at Flatabsreviews.com:

I noticed that every time I work out, I feel hyped up and feel good after doing these exercises. I add a bit of jogging in place and windmill exercises to amp it up a little. Today I feel so hyped up again. See my face?


But then there are habits that are so hard to let go. I’m pairing these exercises with this set of breakfast:

I know it's not healthy but let me be.

I’m having tea with coffee, bread with Star Margarine in classic flavor and my morning mantra of smoke. I plan to quit but not now babe. 🙂

Hurrah for Flatter Abs soon! :DDD

Good morning again exercise and hello there ‘healthy’ breakfast! :)) I’ll let you know when there are major changes! :DD