From the last episode of The Big Bang Theory, we saw a slight change in Sheldon’s character! We are all witnesses to his jealousy and acknowledgement of his relationship with Amy as her boyfriend. I got so excited and giggly when he asked Amy to be his girlfriend. It was like a long battle that was finally won – at long last he gathered the courage to pop the question. I’d like to give Stuart a credit too. If he didn’t ask Amy out for a date, Sheldon will not be forced to make a move. I am now excited for the next episode to come out. What would happen to Sheldon and Amy? Would they engage in coitus as in every other relationships in the show? But then, a single liner episode guide from tells us that the next episodes’ focus is on bullying.

Here’s‘s one liner summary of the next episode which will be aired on December 8, 2011:

“Leonard has to face his old high school bully, while Penny thinks she may have been a bully herself.”

– The Speckerman Recurrence