I’ve already mentioned about our practice teaching course in a blog post here. It is obvious that I enjoyed it but this time I think I’ll crawl my way out.

This semester all of us are required to teach a speech class. I am seriously dreading this. I am so not good with reiterating sounds in isolation. I have a hard time making the sound. I would prefer it to be just part of a word than isolate it.

So, today was my first class in speech and it was really bad. I was really nervous and all that. I swear I made a lot of mistakes. Seriously like a lot! I am so ashamed of myself.

The fun part though, I was able to entertain them with tongue twisters. Yey! At least they had fun with it.

I still have three more meetings to go with them before I could finally judge this whole teaching thing. Today, I might have sucked big time but I still got time to make-up for it. Woo! I know being a teacher is so not my line but I’d have to stand up with this. I have to do this. I might be the person with the most disorganized thoughts just trust me.