I have long wanted to write about closet staples but every time I try to write about it I am simply at a loss of what goes into my list and what not. To end this dillema, I decided I’d write spontaneously to avoid difficulty in making the list.

1. The Basic Tees

If you go ambush my closet you would definitely find basic tees. I play safe with shirts most of the time so most of them are in white and black. I have two or three colored tees because I’m afraid that they will make me look darker.  Most of my tees are from Artwork – a graphic shirt store with lots of cool printed shirts and they’re mostly on sale. I’m too particular with what’s printed on the shirts which actually takes me twenty minutes to decide on what I choose to buy – the budget is also a reason in making this difficulty.


2. Jeans

Jeans are always a staple to every closet whether it be a boy’s closet or a girl’s. I own three pairs of jeans. I already threw my other jeans since they began to be baggy to me. Two of them are skinny jeans to make me look thinner since I have big thighs and calves.

3. Black Dress

Every girl must have a black dress. It’s an easy go to piece for special occasions. Plus, it’s also easy to accessorize and fits almost every pair of shoes. One could never really go wrong with a black dress. I recently own two (one was already featured here).

4. Shorts

I already dismissed the idea of wearing shorts until I got bored with jeans. The reason why I didn’t wear shorts is because mosquitoes really love the smell of my blood and I get lots of little red spots which turns into scars eventually. In my skin’s case when I get those little red spots they become scars – sensitive skin due to diabetes blood. Anyhow, I decided to wear shorts back again but only on rare occasions such as beach parties and when I’m at home. Shorts should be a staple because they are a perfect go to for meet-ups with friends and casual bonding with people close to you like family. 🙂

5. Polo

I have around 5 Polos in different colors. I love how polo works in both formal and casual events. They can also double as a cover up if you feel that your top’s too flaunting.

6. Tank tops

I don’t usually wear tank tops but I love them. I can just throw a polo or a blazer on top of it and I’m good to go.

7. Jackets/Coats

I grew up in a place where jackets are a must have for every person. So I technically grew up with it. It is really essential for everybody to have a jacket or a coat for a rainy day or a cold season. With the new styles of coats and jackets made available in the market everyone has the chance to make rainy days and cold season stylish.


This is not a permanent list of my closet staples. I might add but not drop any of these. I believe all of them is essential to every woman my age. Here are some of my photos wearing some of my closet staples.