I’m gearing up myself for the semester and here’s my survival kit which will be found in my bag for the whole semester.

What you see above is the first part of my kit which includes my France spiral notebook from “Star Notes”, my Dream to Paris journal from “Just for You”, pens,yellow pad paper from “National Bookstore”, school ID, flash disk and my domo purse.

Other than school supplies that I need, I also need a vanity kit which is the second part of my survival kit this semester.

This small vanity kit includes my hair brush, some bobby pins and ponytails which are not shown in this photo. What you see above are (from left to right) isoprophyl alcohol that I placed in a small spray bottle to make it handy, juicy pop tube from “The Etude House”, “Jergens Ultra-Healing” body lotion I placed in a small bottle, body spray (I don’t know the brand because my Aunt just gave it to me), and “Johnson’s Baby Powder”. I’m planning to buy pressed powder and lipstick but I just can’t decide on the perfect shade for my skin-tone and lips.

Now, I’m off to school for my classes. I am about to rock this semester. Ciao!