Megan Louise Hernandez is one of my colleagues in the university theater group Dulaang Atenista. She is currently our Secretary and has been a very close friend. She turned 18 last September 19 but her parents decided to have her début yesterday (October 15) because of everyone’s busy with school and most of her guests are available only after the final exams. The theme was Hollywood since she is into film and all that. It was held at Eaton Function Room in Mallberry Suites. And it was the best début I’ve ever went to!


A month before the debut, we were already thinking of what to wear and what to say (as for me, I had to prepare a short speech since I’m one of her 18 candles). I was so excited for this debut because it’s another excuse to play dress me up plus everyone else (who are invited) in our circle of friends in DA were excited. I decided to go for a black dress since I look good in it (the color makes my skin look lighter). One can never go wrong with a black dress. I made my own research on the dresses that I could possibly wear, even the right shoes, hair style, make-up and accessories that I can match with it. But since I have a tight budget which is roughly Php 500, I had to make do with bargained and ukay-ukay stuff.


Last Sunday, Arfil and Dennis helped me find a dress. My requirements for a dress were that it should be a black dress, sleeved, long enough for me not to look short, and sexy enough but not too showy. We went to this part in Divisoria where we could find good and cheap dresses. After a couple of minutes of hopping from one vendor to another and scanning dresses after dresses, we found the dress that perfectly complies with my requirements for a dress. It was a V-neck, long sleeved black dress. It was too long for me but I still bought it. It only cost Php 100 – it was a great bargain for a dress like that. Looking at the dress after buying it, I decided to have it modified a little bit. I had it modified at a nearby tailoring shop for only Php 80. I made the tailor shorten its length, fix the damaged areas, and lastly I modified the sleeves. Here’s a before and after photo of the dress:

Dress - Before and After


After the dress, I had to look for the perfect pair of shoes that would fit it and the theme. I wanted to have this 3-inches tiger print pumps in PrimaDonna but it won’t fit the budget that I have. I went to ukay-ukay for the shoes instead. There were good shoes that I found but they have damages which are beyond repair. I looked for more. I walked around Cogon (a place where you can find cheap stuff) just to find the perfect shoes. I didn’t have the perfect pair of shoes but I found a black one-inch high round-pointed pumps for only Php 150 (it’s original price was actually Php 200 but the good vendor said I could have it for Php 150 since I am his first customer that day).




Since my shoes and my dress are all black, I need to find accessories that would fit it. I went to this store in Cogon where accessories are cheap – Aizilym Enterprises. I was looking for pearls. I wanted to have this vintage type of look with pearls but they don’t have the right necklaces for it, so I opted for vintage looking necklaces with big pendants which I got for Php 32. I chose to wear this with an almost matching pair of earrings (Php 25.00/pair) and a set of thin bangles (Php 35.00/set):Accessories


The bag should also match the outfit. Arfil’s suggestion was that I go for a silver clutch bag to match the outfit. I found a silver clutch bag for around Php 100. Unfortunately, I didn’t had enough money when I found it so I did not buy it. Then I remembered I have a clutch bag that could perfectly give the final touch. It has a velvet cloth as its cover and has a small rectangular mirror inside.



There are many ways to amp up hair but most of them would make me go to the salon and spend around Php 500 up. I don’t want to go to the debut with the same relaxed hair that everyone sees everyday.I decided to curl my hair for a new look. I immediately searched for ways on how I can curl my hair without spending too much. Good thing Kate has a curling iron that I could use and all I have to do is to buy hair treatments. Here’s a before and after photo of my hair. The other photo was taken two weeks ago.



I love my look. I want to keep my curls. Here’s my overall look. This is the only best possible photo that I’ve got.

Me at Meg's Debut