I’ve been talking about not being able to watch the next two episodes of Downton Abbey, so I’ll just read through episode guides. NOTE: Don’t post spoilers on my comment box. Thank you! So here’s the guide for episode 6 from TV.com.

Episode 6

It is 1918, and with the end of the war in sight, it looks as though it won’t be too long before life can return to relative normality at Downton Abbey, however, Cora and Isobel clash once more over what is to be done with the house when the Armistice is declared. A Canadian officer arrives at Downton to assist in his return to health but some of the things he imparts to Lady Edith could cause problems for the Crawley family. Meanwhile, Bates once again finds that he to deal with Vera and must travel to London to do so. His Lordship tells him to keep calm, but will he be able to do so? Ethel is struggling as a new mother but is receiving a lot of help and support from Mrs. Hughes until Mr. Carson finds out, which may possibly be problematic for all concerned.