I’m awake the whole night up until now (it’s already 7:30am here). I’ve done a lot of things already. I folded my clothes, pre-packed some of them for Sunday, went to the morning mass and had breakfast. I’m thinking this might be insomnia.  According to Psychology Today:

Insomnia is the feeling of inadequate or poor-quality sleep because of one or more of the following: trouble falling asleep (Initial Insomnia); trouble remaining asleep through the night (Middle Insomnia); waking up too early (Terminal Insomnia); or unrefreshing sleep for at least one month. These can all lead to daytime drowsiness, poor concentration and the inability to feel refreshed and rested upon awakening.

Given this definition, I think I might have Initial Insomnia. This started almost a month ago when all these stress came rushing. I have trouble falling asleep in the evening which causes me to sleep during the day. This troubles me. I can’t get enough sleep. I get too lazy to do things that I should be doing. I am not usually like this. I used to get peaceful sleep.

I have this trait which I make my own reasons and remedies to certain situations. For example, this insomnia I think is caused by too many things that runs into my head which disables my mind to get its proper rest. I tried to drink milk, or any other beverages that would make me somehow fall asleep but it seldom worked. My mind seems to work in a time frame that is foreign from my current location.

Thinking more deeply into it though, I think I might be anxious of so many things. As I said earlier, I am thinking far too many things which keeps me up all night. I read through Psychology Today’s article on insomnia and it seems to me that I need the relaxation therapy. This way, I could lessen my anxiety and make me think positively. I sometimes want to get myself drunk for me to sleep properly but then that would then make me no better than a drunkard. Anyway, the article also said that I probably need a ‘good sleep hygiene’. The goal of the treatment was fine but I can’t seem to give up what it says I need to give up such as coffee. I love coffee in the morning, afternoon and evening (but not all the time), and I can’t resist the aroma of coffee – it’s so tempting I tell you.

In conclusion, I am afraid of going nocturnal. I certainly know a person who is like that and he became an unproductive person. Good thing though he was able to bounce back by engaging to marathons. I would really love to have something to do more than what I can in the four corners of my bedroom and my laptop screen.