I had a conversation with my mom earlier this evening. It was one of the conversations where I would end up crying. We talked about my degree. I stopped her before she could even add a word to her line “I had a friend who told me that English literature-“. It pains me every time my mom starts this conversation. It pains me how she shows distrust on my decisions. It pains me that she rubs it in that my degree is a pointless one. It pains me to see how she listens to what other people say about my major but question everything that I say to defend my course. It pains me to see myself walking out because no body understands!

The point of this entry is to make those people who thinks a degree in English is irrelevant realize that we are one important part in the fast paced world.

It seems pointless for many to earn a degree in English, especially my grandmother who thinks it is pure nonsense and that I wasted my parents’ money taking a degree that wouldn’t pay at all. I argued, defended and even cried just to make them understand that this is what I love doing. I didn’t understand why they don’t understand  me until I realized they never understood writing and literature at all. Their lack of background and/or interest about literature and the art and science of writing is what makes me an undesirable or a misunderstood part of the equation. There seem to be a lack of appreciation and understanding of liberal arts courses in a world where everything is scientific and corporate, and everything that you do should make you earn moolah (money, that is)!

If only they make a bit of research other than relying on here-says and unverifiable stories, they would see that there is more than what meets the eye. Literature is a very relevant factor in the formation and recording of the history and culture of every society, and writing, being a tool in its functions, is a relevant part of it. Think of this: literature is relevant in the studies of anthropologists, archaeologists and historians. Here are some of the proofs:



The importance of the study of literature and the recording of history plays a very significant role to the study of culture and history. Thus, making English majors, as one field of concentration, is relevant to society and not pointless.

Another point is that English majors are flexible. We can be placed in almost every field to do recording of tasks, make communication letters and/or statements and a lot more.  There are many other jobs that a degree in English is useful.