Ever since mobile network service providers offered unlimited texting/sms services, group messages came flooding unto everyone’s phone. I was even one of them until I got tired of sending non-sense and irrelevant messages to people. In addition to that, I grew up. Sending group messages is okay, but only when you really have something relevant or good to say.

Nowadays, I rarely know people who sends irrelevant group messages. Probably because most of them they grew up too. But there is this one particular person who sends irrelevant messages, not just once a day but almost every three hours. My being compulsive on grammar is triggered every time I see her name on my phone screen. It was fine with me back then. The annoying part is that she sends grammatically wrong messages. I know my grammar isn’t that perfect nor could I say that I am perfectly fluent in the English language but could she just express it in the vernacular if she is not sure of what she’s talking about? Even the lyrics of the songs are either misspelled (though I could forgive her for that since SMS has limited characters) or incorrect.

All I wanted was for her to check what she’s sending before she actually sends it. I was actually thinking of changing her name to “The Girl Who Needs A Grammar Refresher”. Maybe you’re thinking that I should just block her but I can’t since we are working together on important things that are more relevant than her love life.

I hope she could read this post and make her realize she’s making an insult to the English language and to me as an English major.