Ever since I got back from a very long period of writer’s bloc, I haven’t written anything good. You see, ideas are coming in and are very much ready to be developed and written but then I have no time. I am too busy with theater work and academics, and socializing. Some of the things to be written aren’t time-relevant anymore but still I wanted to write about them.

Ideas are coming in and out in my head, and then comes haunting me in my sleep whenever I fail to air them out. I always get that and it causes me insomniac nights. These ideas would come swirling psychedelically in my head. It would haunt me like a ghost of the past.

I cannot, will not, have good night’s sleep or even a peaceful mind until I get to put them into writing. Jotting them down in a piece of paper won’t help. I feel discontented with that. Most often than not, I feel the strong urge to publish them somewhere.