Note: I apologize for this very late post. I could’ve posted this weeks ago but I got so busy. I’m still busy now but my inner conscience keeps playing this task in my head and I can’t help but write it.

Franco is labeled with many names like “the all star band”, “super band”, “powerhouse band”, “the band that ought to change the OPM scene” and a lot more. I am not a fan because of those labels though. I found a deep appreciation for their music. I first heard of the band Franco late last year through the introduction of my boyfriend. He said I should listen to them because their songs are good. So I did and I fell in love with their songs. The words are deep and the music is almost perfect. Little did I know that my cousins (whom I haven’t been with for so long) are also fans of the band. So when a friend told me that they’ll come over to the city on September 24th (which is, by the way, is their first gig in the city), I immediately reserved that date and really promised to watch it.

The venue was at the newly reopened Punchbowl Music and Booze. My cousins and I went early for us to buy tickets before it gets sold-out. Luckily we were able to buy them tickets without the long wait.

Just like any other gigs, there front acts before the main event. Some of the best local bands played that night.  It started of with Nescafe Soundskool 2008 Finalist Teachers Stand Together then followed by The Superflirts, Tabularaza, Hoodswhite, Almost Satellite, Swerve, KBC and Gasulina. Though,  I would really love Wiz to play but they weren’t on the list. My cousins and I waited for hours before Franco finally went on stage.

Eight of the best local bands during Franco's first ever gig in CDO.

It was already almost an hour past midnight when they went on stage. I was already waiting by the stage. I want to see them up close. When they started playing, it was like in a music video. It seemed like every note soothes your soul and every word is the song of the heart.

After the show, fans went gaga and went up the mini stage and grabbed the opportunity to take a photo with their favorite member. I wasn’t able to take a picture with Gab Alipe, their guitarist, but I had the chance to take a picture with Ocho Toleran and had my Domo purse signed by him! It was such an experience! It was awesomeness at its best. He is so kind and so handsome. Despite the fact that he’s tired from an hour of playing, he still managed to share his love to his fans. Now that is an awesome man.

Here's my startrucked face with Sir Ocho Toleran.
Here's a photo of me with my Domo-purse signed by Sir Ocho Toleran!

The whole experience was one unforgettable event. My 250 pesos was not wasted. I was able to experience true music euphoria. The Philippine Music Scene will soon back up bringing good music and good vibes.

Puff! Puff! Pasa!